Do I Qualify?

By reading this blog post you may find that you “qualify” for a lot of things you doubt yourself for.

***Do I Qualify?***

This is a question I’ve asked myself before going into something new, be it a business, social project and even relationships.  It is a good question to ask, if your intention is improve yourself.  Not use it to talk  yourself out of actually going through with it (whatever “it” means to you).

When I started Her Grit Magazine, I wondered what qualifies me to ask people for their life stories so they can inspire, inform and impact others.  What qualified me to create a platform for women of color and others, to promote their business, brands and professions without paying enormous fees.  What qualified me to create a global community of strong-willed women who make things happen against all odds?

Two things; experience and the fact that I believe in myself.

We sometimes use “qualifying” as an excuse to procrastinate.  “Oh wait let me first learn how to, get a degree before I, earn this much before I…the list is endless.”

Review & Dive In!

Now, granted there are things you cannot do without qualifying for them.  But there also things that you will have to learn as you go.  You are required to dive into the deep end and swim your way up sometimes.   Experience is the best teacher.  So dive in!

So, you’ve gotta believe in yourself.  JT Foxx says “Don’t fake it till you make it, act like you belong.”

Or you may have heard it different, receive it with thanksgiving and act as if you already have it.  All the same.  Believe that you are good enough, while you are improving yourself to be your best.

August is women’s month and we will talking all things confidence, character, facing our weaknesses are growing together at Her Grit Magazine. 

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  1. Mpumelelo says:

    what a great read! this blog is our daily challenge to let go of our “valid excuses”
    thanks for this!

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