Impatience Leads to Inconsistency

Be careful of impatience, it can cause inconsistency.  And, the result of that is failure.  Failure to pursue, to get up after adversity and fight when you need to.

I’ve seen so many people quit too soon just because they did not see instant results.  Those who know me often commend my level of patience. However, it hasn’t always been that way.  I’ve allowed life to hammer and forge patience into me.

The Will to Change

My strength is my ability to endure hardship and bounce back.  But, that doesn’t mean I have always done it patiently.  As as result, I suffered major depression because of not seeing immediate results, especially when it came to work and personal relationships.

Little did I know that starting and running a business required a huge amount of patience because consistency is the fuel that keeps you moving forward.

When I resigned from previous job, it was partly due to being unable to wait any longer to pursue my goals.  So in that light, being impatient wasn’t a bad thing.  It became terrible when I thought I’d be earning hundreds of thousands within a few months of having a business.  Don’t laugh or be shook, someone out there still believes they can accomplish that and some have.

The world is fast moving, instant gratification all around and patience is weakening by the moment. Impatience causes depression and anxiety.  When my ability to wait without grief, frustration, anger and fear became stronger; my depression disappeared.  In fact, I don’t remember the last time I was depressed and that’s a lot for a person who was told they have it chronically.

Use your mind wisely and overcome.

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