Millennial Moms Also Triumph

Millennial moms are faced with a very tough task, parenting in today’s world.  Everything is faster and child safety is a growing concern. Yet, like every prior generation, these next generation moms still triumph. Today we are celebrating one of millions of super moms for her incredible tenacity against all odds, meet Nkosinokubongwa Shabalala. 

Ms Shabalala, working woman, mom, sister, daughter and friend

This is a woman fitting a royal position in her home country Swaziland. Words escape me when I think about Nkosinokubongwa’s life story, she has overcome so much.  Not only did she stepped up to help her mother put all three of her siblings through school and tertiary.  She’s also bent over backwards, sacrificed her youth and needs to ensure that they have careers.  Her selfless acts know no boundaries. She also donates her time and resources to Ubuhle-Bezwe Child-Care Centre, based in Tembisa township, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ms Shabalala started her career much later than her peers due to being unable to afford tertiary education, after her fathers passing.

“I spent three years at home watching everyone I grew up with go to college and start their lives. I was stuck and miserable.  But I kept applying for scholarships, until the Southern African German Chamber accepted me.” _ Shabalala 

As you can imagine, she had a lot of catching up to do.  Her determination led her to excel in her studies and internship.  She was soon employed permanently by one of the world’s leading industrial engineering companies.  Her career has soared since, but not without difficulty.

I found love

“I never imagined I’d be a single mom. But, you know what? I love my baby more than anything, so we are just fine.” _ Shabalala 

According to Ms Shabalala, being a working single mom has it’s many challenges.  Between the long working hours, rushing home and having to be emotionally and physically available has great pressure.  But the reward is far greater.  Seeing your child happy, safe and healthy makes every minute worth it.

Nkosinokubongwa’s Voice;

“People often ask me if I have regrets about my child, if I would have done anything differently had I known the outcome of that relationship.  No ways! Nothing can ever be more precious than my baby.

To every young person who feels delayed in your dreams or things are not turning out how you planned.  Maybe life is really tough right now, I urge you to hang in there.  You do get stronger.  Believe me, you get really strong.

Things will turn around.  My life is not perfect, yes, there are extremely difficult moments but one thing for sure.  When I look back, my strength grows even more.  Life is like that and I also believe it can be really fulfilling.  You just have to see it. The things we go through sometimes shape or forces us to be better and bold. Turn your lemons into lemonade type of thing.

Even if I’ve had a bad day at work, I get home and see my baby’s face, in that moment, everything is really okay.

So never give up.  Keep fighting, wanting, looking, loving and crying when you need to.”

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  1. Thabiso says:

    I know this women very well. ..I have never seen such a brave young lady…when we talk about future mother of nation we talking about women like Nkosi# Aluta

  2. Nkosinokubongwa Shabalala says:


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