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Meet Charmaine

Forbes Africa 30 under 30, Award Winning Global Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist.

Charmaine is the founder of Her Grit Magazine an online publication that advocates for women of color around the world.

Ms. Mbatha is the founder and senior consultant of Millennial Business Admins, a company that supports small business owners and professionals globally.  Charmaine invests back into communities by mentoring youth in life, career, and business.

“I started working at the age of 13 and therefore strongly believe that an active and productive youth will change this world for the best,” says Charmaine.

She has also been to Shanghai, China to inspire women in business alongside Top Asian Speakers and is a featured guest star in a documentary film.  Ms Mbatha hosted her own show on Radio Works World and received the Best Speaker award from London, United Kingdom.

Charmaine published eBooks on Amazon for personal development and youth guidance in career and business.

This platform is especially for matters closest to my personal values. I love being thoughtful and of service to others providing emotional support, mental clarity and intuitive guidance.

What’s in it for you?

Because I see the bigger picture, I help people become better at what they are already good at and tap into their hidden gifts, that is one of my strengths. You know the saying ‘two heads are better than one’? Clarity, wisdom, solutions, encouragement and more. I do not intend to do this alone but with others who will share their life and business lessons. Ah-ha moments often come from unexpected places, together we will create many.

Charmaine Mbatha
Ms Mbatha Quotes
Global Award Winning Radio Host
Coaching Youth in Career, Life & Business


“Trust is earned, I am asking you to keep an open mind, participate on platforms that allow you to and spread the word.  Growth is endless and we have an opportunity to do it together.”

my why?

“My vision is to have a safe space where women of color from around the world, come together to share opportunities, heal, grow and encourage one-another in life and business.”

Ms. Mbatha Quotes

“I didn’t know I was grounded, until my first sprout.  I didn’t know how strong my roots are, until my first storm.” _ Ms. Mbatha

Ms Mbatha Quotes
Ms Mbatha Quotes
Ms Mbatha Quotes
Ms Mbatha Quotes
Ms Mbatha Quotes

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